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Getting Better

As I started to come to the end of my treatment I was progressively worse physically but mentally I was going the other way.  At 50% through the chemo I was feeling pretty low at 60%  things are getting better as you have no planned overnight stays to come, at 80% with only one more visit to go I'd started smiling again. Words can only begin to describe the feeling I had when I came out of the hospital from my final top up. I think I even drove there and back.  I was feeling top draw and knew that it was now just a case of getting better.

I started off easy going to the gym and swimming a couple of times a week.  I wasnít going to win medals but I was feeling better and better. I even managed to squeeze two snowboarding trips within a month of finishing my chemo. Not a bad effort. I wasnít going at it hard but I was loving it especially having a cheeky beer or two with my brother.

I stayed off work a further month or so to get back up to speed with everything. I eventually organised myself and headed back down to London in time for my 25th birthday. A really good piss up and a shitload of people turned up. 


Itís been two years since I created Ďmybollox.comí and everything is going well. Iíve realised my goal of moving to Australia and now live in Sydney enjoying shrimps on the barbie, throw down VBs and gloating about Australia losing the rugby and Ashes!!!

As for the fake ball weíre having fun and all of our visits to the doctors have been successful. I was a little surprised that each check up required a CT abdominal scan, however, all is good and instead of every 4 months itís now every 6. My doc, Mark Rosenthal, has been brilliant with transferring notes etc. As Iíve passed the two year mark, my confidence is growing but itís always in the back of my mind. It is something I have to deal with and thankfully Iím surrounded by people who will support me if the worst does happen.

The web page has been a bigger success than anticipated with 1000ís of hits - although I think my family account for 90% of them! On a more important note, I receive emails from people all over the world wanting to understand testicular cancer and looking for help in understanding that itís not the end of the world. Every time I receive one of these mails Iím impressed with their courage and strength. My hat comes off to you all; I wasnít strong enough to do that when I was ill!!

Have you checked your balls recently? Otherwise this is a wasted effort, so go on grab hold of the little fellas and give them a squeeze!!!

Enjoy the site and thanks from a slightly off-white, Millsie (Iím still working on the tan)

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