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Big Thanks

I’d like to say thanks to the following people:

  • Mum and Dad once again you supported one of your sons through a critical illness. Good work and you should write a book or something.

  • Little bob, my brother, cheers for the taking the piss it was actually appreciated, however, your barber skills are crap and you should stick to what you know best.

  • My mates from uni, work mates and all the other random punters I’ve bumped into. Without you monkeys it would have been a hundred times harder and I wouldn’t have laughed so much.

    And last but no means least the Doctors;

  • Paul in Brisbane for getting me the extra blood test

  • Dr. Stephenson for chopping off the right, well left, one

  • Dr. Clarke for being a massive support and helping me through the low times

  • The nurses at Murryfield, they’re all brilliant

    MAY 2006 Update

    One of my best mates has just completed the London marathon to raise money for CancerBackup!!!

    Well done Lloyd great work!!

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