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Things that will piss you off...

  • During chemo when one of the machines run out of saline / drugs it makes a really annoying peeping noise which doesnít stop until; A nurse comes to refill it OR You find the volume control turn it right down, press the alarm for the nurse and go back to sleep.

  • You get ulcers in your mouth and you canít eat pizza crusts anymore things like eggy bread and crumpets become your staple diet.

  • The ulcers also mean you had to use salt water to wash your mouth out. Itís bloody disgusting.

  • Day time TV becomes interesting. (I'm not joking it does!!)

  • You get spots like youíre a teenager again.

  • Having to pee in a measuring pot to make sure youíre drinking enough.

  • People stare at you like youíve got cancer or something ;o) © 2005