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About Me

I decided to put this web page together to say thank you to all of the doctors, providing a frank and honest account of my experience that other patients can read.  I also wanted my friends, family and doctors to be able to know how much their support from calls, visits, email abuse etc. helped me throughout my treatment.

A little bit about myself - I've lived and worked in London for the past 3 years after studying at UMIST in Manchester. Unfortunately the university is no more but I'll never forget the days of Fingland buses and the constant rain. Before that I lived in North West England in a small town called Heswall.

Looking into the future and Iím planning to move to Sydney in 2005 to complete the holiday that was cut short in 2003. Itíll be all change again and Iíll miss my friends and family but feel itís just something I need to do.

If you want to get in touch it would be good to hear from you, just click here © 2005